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L'équipe Tambora

Soul • Colombia • House
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Who We Are

L’équipe Tambora is a Los Angeles based trio that makes global dance music, deconstructing Afro-Colombian rhythms and blending them with psychedelic cumbia, tropical harmonies, and euro-electro dance beats. L’equipe puts on energetic events, tied to their multicultural identity and socially + environmentally conscious songwriting.  

L’équipe Tambora’s musical adventures sprouted from environmental activism projects that brought them together. This unlikely friendship mixes diverse influences that produce hard-hitting beats, soulful melodies and clever lyrics in Spanish, English and French. Their well-crafted songs and strong productions are imbued with social and environmental sensibility, and an infectious ability to make you want to Move Your Body! #ConsciousGozadera



Management & Booking Worldwide

Andrés Ospina

Our Music - PRE RELEASE Mixes

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“Goza Colombia, la cumbia columbia”

L’équipe Tambora - Agua Dulce

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