Meet L’équipe

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Tara Davis

British Columbia, Canada • Medellín • D.C.

Tara was born in British Columbia, grew up listening to soul and jazz music. Had an Indie Rock band in Colorado, has worked with production teams responsible for films and events, including an IMAX about the Colorado River, and indie music festivals. She moved to Medellín, Colombia with her boyfriend, French world-class kayaker, Jules Domine, where she discovered Cumbia, Reggaeton, Salsa and the Colombian musical canon. T'-Dog fell in love with this music, it’s soulfulness, and the ability to make you move.

A girl who knows how to climb rocks, and who rocks, Tara is an outdoors athlete. She surfs and climbs, as well as does winter skiing. Tara is in tune with nature and uses this sensibility in her lyrics and soulful voice.

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Chiva bus drivers are the real DJ’s
— Tara Davis

Andrés Ospina

Medellín • Santa Marta • Los Angeles

Andrés is a musician and environmental activist. Before L’équipe Andrés recorded music as a singer/songwriter and with La Cienaga Collective, a cumbia blues band. Executive produced the L Creativo music festival in LA. Family man, educator and adventurer.

I believe that art plays a pivotal role in creating the change we so desperately need
— Ospina
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L’équipe has been the perfect, organic vehicle to explore all the skills and interests I’ve developed in music.
— Peloz

Andres Pook Jamerson • ‘Peloz’

Bogotá • Los ángeles •

Andres Pook Jamerson (née Andrés López Uribe) was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. By the age of 19, as one of the founding members of the legendary rock band DOGZ, Andres had established himself as a well-renowned drummer in Colombia.

Nowadays, Andres “Pook” Jamerson has grown into a multifaceted artist/musician/audio engineer whose various talents are expressed mainly thru drumming, bass playing, studio production/mixing, songwriting, arranging, DJing, and singing/rapping.